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Austin  A10 roadster utility
 1938 model roadster utility 2 doors
Posted by: BC
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c1991 - WA rego - front

c1991 - WA rego - rear

Dec 1995 - 4.5 days Freo to Melb

July 2006 -Tumbulgum NSW

Date updated:19/1/16
Num of cylinders  4
Exterior Colour Austin blue-blk
Interior Colour blue & black
Car Details good original condition.
When did you purchase/build this vehicle 1991
Why did you purchase/build this vehicle My 1951 A40 Devon was 'too modern' and I wanted an older and more unique vehicle, which better suited my favourite 1920's and 1930's music.
How often do you drive the vehicle I used to drive it daily (for many years in WA, Melbourne, and Gold Coast... but haven't driven for a few years.
What are the best features of this vehicle Style, soft-top / tourer, utility, colour
What vehicle would you replace this vehicle with unknown
What should a prospective buyer look for if considering the purchase of a similar vehicle As always I feel: best original condition that can be found... though after 25 years of on and off research, I believe this is the only surviving example!
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