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The extent that car thieves will go to for your car

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:30 am    Post subject: The extent that car thieves will go to for your car Reply with quote

There were a number of vehicles stolen on one night during this years Monaro Nationals in Warwick, Queensland. This is a Forum post from one of the Monaro owners who had his car stolen.

" Hey guys, just thought i would let you all know. As I am the owner of that blue HQ Monaro which was stolen from the Monaro Nationals & was found behind the motel where we were staying, The Police called us the other day to inform us that the person who stole the cars, was the same person as far as they know, that stole all of them that weekend. He was a 40 year old man, who has now been caught!!

We have been told a couple of different theories as to why my car was left the way it was. My Monaro has an alarm, a kill switch and the 'red key' which is another type of kill switch, all were on at the time it was stolen. The very first time I had ever left it parked outside, but in a secure area, and it was stolen. Just goes to show, you really got to be careful with these cars.

The night it was stolen, the alarm kept going off, for about 3 hours, i kept waking up and going to check on the car, after about 4 times of it sounding, i figured it must be a cat, or a passing truck, so i chucked a blanket on it so the cat wouldnt scratch my paint work.

Anyways, the Police told us, the thieves often keep hitting the car to sound the alarm, so eventually I would turn the alarm off, giving them access to my car. I didnt turn my alarm off though, however, apparently with an alarm system, or some, when you reset the alarm, you have 5 minutes to do what you gotta do before the alarm works again.

During this 5 minutes, they opened my bonnet, ripped the siren out, then pushed it down the back yard of the motel.

When we woke up, the car was gone, a friend of ours found it down the back of the paddock in a ditch. Theories are: 1) it got bogged (we towed it out with my dads Prado), so the thieves couldnt get it. i dont agree with this, there was evidence of a tow truck being present at the time. They had pulled the fence out of the ground to get the truck through, why would they stop there?

2) the car cannot be started without the alarm in, its also an immobilser, when they plug the alarm back in, we would hear it. besides, it was useless as they chicked the alarm in the pool. Im not so sure on this, i believe if they wanted it, they could have gotten it.

3) they were disturbed during the process. This is probably the most likely. A neighbour told police she saw lots of activity, but didnt think much of it. she shone her torch on the 'activity' which scared them away.

Guys, these thieves were definitely professionals. There were approximately 30 Monaro's parked in the motel which it was stolen from, they were parked in from the front gate, who would have thought they would go out the back yard.

Light globes were pulled out from the carpark & they got to the cctv camera's (although not all), there was a tow truck ready to take the car, and they even pulled out fence posts to get to it.

My Monaro has just over $10,000 damage. now just got to get through the insurance company, which is proving to be a hassle.

I feel really sorry for the owners of the others.

Just beware when you take your car out, you never know who is watching!
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