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Feature Club
Club Name West Coast Muscle Cars
Specialising in Muscle Cars
Contact Name Frank Demarte
Suburb Fremantle
State WA
Region Perth

History: The West Coast Muscle Car Club was put together by Frank Demarte, who is currently the president, and some of the old local Freo (Fremantle) boys. These guys used to do bog laps around Freo in the late 70s and 80s in their HR and EH Holdens (GM), XY XU.1 Toranas and their HK Monaro V8s and also enjoyed dragging at a local raceway - Ravenswood drag strip.

Frank’s love for cars went way back to when he used to drive his Dad’s VF Valliant; his first car with chillies hanging from the rear vision mirror. After a few weeks it was time to put some R.O.H. mags and fats, set of extractors for the 225 motor, 2 barrel carbs, lower the car and go cruzin’ with the boys with their machines. They were great times while they lasted until Frank’s dad wanted to know why the tyres rubbed, why the car was so low and how come it was so loud and what is that yellow thing on the windscreen AND what happened to the chillies!!!(yes!! - it was a yellow sticker) Frank ran out of excuses, the car keys were taken back and Frank was told to put the car back to the way it was. Off with the tyres, on goes another muffler, raised the car back to standard height and off to the pits as a lot of us have been there before. Frank was sad but his dad was happy to see his car back to the way it was except for the extractors. So it was time for Frank to buy his own car which happened to be a HR Holden X2.

After a fair few pay packets were spent on it, he was back cruzin’ with the boys and on weekends, they would be at a mate’s house working on a car changing parts just to get that extra bit of grunt. Frank had numerous cars, HT Ute, XT Ford XY351, although he has nothing against Fords, Holdens or Chevys - he has had them all and all have been great machines. Most of the boys, because of marriage and other commitments at that time, had to sell their machines.

The years past and the boys started to get back into the car scene again and started to purchase their favourite cars. For the last nine years, Frank has owned a 1967 RS Chev Camaro, which took out best Camaro and best original at the GM Day 2002, the rest of the guys have GT....GTHO Monaro GTS, XU1 Toranas and SLRs 5000 and L34s and A9Xs - these cars purchased for less than $20000 years back are now worth big bucks. Of course these muscle cars are still available to buy but at a good price if any are for sale find so when you have one you keep it.

The West Coast Muscle Car Club have most of these cars and a lot of other machines.

The Club gets together about every 8 weeks and cruz to different places for a BBQ and a great family day out. The boys chat (over a beer and snag of course) about who had what, what they now have and reminisce about the good old days. With all the family, it is a great sight to see these classic cars cruzin’ all together with the family and kids in the back and you’ll never hear the kids say....“are we there yet“.


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