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Business Details - Renovo Australia Pty Ltd
Business Name Renovo Australia Pty Ltd
Specialising in a range of soft top car care products
Service Type · Hoods
· Car Care Products
· Soft Tops for Convertibles
Contact Name Neil McAllister
Address Contact Neil by email:
Suburb Distributors across Australia
State QLD
Region Brisbane
Mobile 0430 164 123

Renova Australia are the Australian distributors of the Renovo International range of soft top car care products which are now available from a growing list of retailers or directly to your door from our website.

About our range of Renova Products:

The many owners of soft-top convertibles dont realise that their car is subject to a number of threats which, over time, can affect both the appearance and performance of a soft top hood.

The more common threats are:

- Rain and ice;
- Salt;
- Sunlight UV radiation;
- Heat and cold;
- Wind-borne grit;
- Bird droppings; and
Chemical pollutants (exhaust fumes, etc)

While fastidious owners will regularly clean and polish bodywork, few pay any attention to the most vulnerable part of their car - the hood.

Replacing a worn out hood can cost thousands of dollars.

Regular use of Renovo products can prolong the life of hoods and maintain that as new appearance for many years. If its not too late, Renovo can also resurrect neglected hoods.

The Renovo product range was developed in the UK some 10 years ago to meet the needs of soft-top convertible car owners who wanted specialty products to clean, restore and protect their valuable hoods and tonneau covers. To ensure that the high quality standard of its brand is not compromised, Renovo has continued to manufacture and package its products in the UK rather than taking a risk on cheaper off-shore options.

The Renovo product range covers both vinyl and fabric (canvas, etc) tops:

- Canvas Cleaner to remove dirt and grime prior to application of other products or just used by itself to freshen up

- Canvas Reviver unique to Renovo, available in black and dark blue to re-colour canvas tops

- Canvas Ultra Proofer reduces colour fading and restores weather proofing and UV protection

- Vinyl Cleaner to remove dirt and grime prior to application of other products or just used by itself to freshen up

- Vinyl Ultra Proofer reduces colour fading and restores weather proofing and UV protection

- Plastic Polish - for treating clouding and dis-colouring on plastic windows, Perspex screens, lights, crash helmet visors, aircraft canopies, boat portholes, etc.

Excellent for the auto detailing of all types of convertible tops and tonneau covers our convertibles car cleaner is used worldwide for new car care and classic car detailing.

Before you consider a convertible top replacement, try our car care products. With our 7 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Visit our Reviews and Testimonials pages on our website and see how other people like you have rated our products for their cabriolets care.


Stephen King from Currumbin, Queensland:

I used RENOVO Canvas Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer on my faded 10 year old Saab soft top in January 2009. The photo was taken in July 2010 - 18 months years after application and still looking good, despite the harsh Queensland environment of intense sunlight and teeming rains.

I found RENOVO did exactly as promised. All three processes were easy to do, and the roof looked like new when done and I have enough product left for at least another two treatments in the years ahead!

Roger from Toowoomba, Queensland:

I always thought my weekend hobby car a 10-year-old Mazda MX-5 NB series looked quite respectable, even though its black vinyl soft-top was showing signs of greying.

Water restrictions where I live in south-east Queensland prevent regular washing and besides, the top is usually stowed under the tonneau cover. My attitude to open-top motoring can be summarised: If it looks like rain, leave the car in the garage.

When I was introduced to Renovo I was hesitant, thinking mild detergent and warm water always worked in the past. How wrong I was.

I found the vinyl soft top cleaner true to its claim of the ultimate and was amazed at the deep brown colour of the rinsing water. Two applications of the cleaner alone made my soft top appear almost like new.

After I applied the Renovo Ultra Proofer with UV inhibitor the top didnt look much different from how it was the day I brought the MX-5 home. I have every confidence Renovo will not only protect my investment but help with resisting stains and avoiding fading.

I have no hesitation in recommending Renovo to anyone who enjoys wind-in-the-hair motoring.

Bruce from the Gold Coast, Queensland:

My Alfas roof was by no means a disaster but it had faded to an unattractive shade of grey. As you can see from the before and after photos, the Renovo treatment of Canvas Cleaner, Reviver and Ultra Proofer has almost returned it to a as new appearance. The photos say it all!

** Our website has a full list of retailers across Australia offering our range of Renovo International products.


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