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Business Details - REDI-STRIP
Business Name REDI-STRIP
Specialising in Paint stripping, De-Rusting, Chemical Cleaning, Surface Treatments
Service Type · Sandblasting
Contact Name Peter Dane
Address 16 Bessemer Street
Suburb Blacktown
Postcode 2148
State NSW
Region Sydney
Phone 02 9831 6799
Fax 02 9831 3836

Redi-Strip is Australias largest metal stripping operation and can assist you with paint stripping, de-rusting, chemical cleaning and surface treatments of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In the Redi-Strip cleaning process, we use a unique patented envionmentally friendly alkaline chemical cleaning compound SHS. This is a completely non-destructive, immersion metal cleaning process for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Redi-Strip cleaning process not only strips paints, powder coatings, grease and grime but also removes rust and scale while also loosening and derusting threads.


The uniqueness of the Redi-Strip process is that it will not alter or remove any of the parent metal and when finished there are a number of options designed to stop surface rust on your freshly cleaned equipment. Your equipment will finish looking as good as new.


This world leading process allows you the confidence to know that you’re valuable equipment will be handled safely, efficiently, and completely cleaned and not just what you can see, but all surfaces inside and out. This makes Redi- Strip, Australia’s most cost efficient, safe and thorough industrial cleaning method available today.

Our eco-friendly, advanced, industry leading cleaning system provides a quantum leap forward from previous industrial methods. Some cleaning methods can have potentially surface damaging results such as panel rippling, etching, or the like. RediStrip use a soft acting, unique method of complete metal based cleaning.


Other methods such as abrasive or media blasting, acid dipping, soda blasting, wire brushing or labour intensive hard scraping cannot provide the same outstanding results the Redi-Strip system provides.

Once our cleaning process is completed your parts look just like new.

For a small extra cost your parts can be coated with our special formulated anti-rust coating, which is proven to give corrosion protection for your newly cleaned parts for many years.

The Redi-Strip system is used and recommended Australia wide by industry leaders who demand excellence. Remember, excellent preparation is the key to excellent results. Located centrally in the Sydney western suburb of  Blacktown with close access to the M7, M2 and M4, Redi-Strip are well placed for easy access.

Let us do the dirty work for you




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